I was born in Toronto and grew up obsessing over sci-fi movies like Star Wars and 60's rock music. I began creating sculptures and paintings as early as I could walk, and was known to often destroy them upon disapproval. What seemed only natural to me, was an insatiable desire for self-expression through the arts.

At 7 years old I taught myself how to play piano. At 8, I picked up a video camera at school and began making homages to my favourite sci-fi films. At 9 I discovered I could make stop-motion animation with a chalkboard or a posable desk-lamp, and edit by joining two VHS machines and a cassette deck together. In high school I taught myself how to play guitar, along with video editing and visual effects. I then became emersed in the unerground world of bboying (breakdancing), where I ended up competing in battles and teaching it for 8 years.

As my interest in film evolved, I discovered directors like Chris Cunningham, Mark Romanek, Jonathan Glazer and Anton Corbijn. Their work in music videos made me realize that the medium had the potential to combine everything I loved about music and film together. I studied their videos frame-by-frame, dissecting how they were made, and reverse-engineering them in the hopes that I could one day do the same.

In 2001 I found my way in to directing music videos where my work has since received multiple #1 videos on Canadian television as well as millions of views on Youtube. I've worked with a wide range of artists including Grammy and Juno winners like Sam Roberts, The Darcys, Ps I Love You, Danny Fernandes, Belly, Rick Ross, Beenie Man, Kreesha Turner, Delerium, Snow, etc.

In 2011 I won a Much Music Video Award for Danny Fernandes f. Belly - 'Automatic.' Much Music also ranked it as the #44th best video of the last decade.

I now reside in Toronto's west end with my wife, juggling my time between directing videos and visual effects for feature films at MR.X where I've had the opportunity to work on movies like Resident Evil, ROBOCOP (2014), The Mortal Instruments, Pompeii(2014), Vikings(TV), and Carrie (2013), etc.

I'm also the singer/guitarist in a garage/punk band called The Dying Arts. Our debut EP was released in June 2014, you won't like it.

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